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Zeke's Attempt At Toby~ by Homocide-Hunter Zeke's Attempt At Toby~ :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 9 0 Late night doodle on mah friends thing by Homocide-Hunter Late night doodle on mah friends thing :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 4 0 Black Widow by Homocide-Hunter Black Widow :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 7 0 I'm confused...? by Homocide-Hunter I'm confused...? :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 6 0 Kinda A Face...? by Homocide-Hunter Kinda A Face...? :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 3 0 Eye...? by Homocide-Hunter Eye...? :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 7 0 Doodlesssss by Homocide-Hunter Doodlesssss :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 3 0 For: FrostRaining by Homocide-Hunter For: FrostRaining :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 8 4 Lil' dergon X3 by Homocide-Hunter Lil' dergon X3 :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 13 0 Lil' Koi Fishy by Homocide-Hunter Lil' Koi Fishy :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 8 2 An Old Doodle by Homocide-Hunter An Old Doodle :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 4 4 Just A Little Thing I Did Awhile Back~ by Homocide-Hunter Just A Little Thing I Did Awhile Back~ :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 13 3 Just A Little Doodle For A Friend~ by Homocide-Hunter Just A Little Doodle For A Friend~ :iconhomocide-hunter:Homocide-Hunter 3 8


Commissions!!! Obviously XD
This is going to be simple things that are easy to do. Nothing too extravagant. If the asking project is too complicated, then I will ask you to send in the commission points to a different widget, so please do not get upset with me

Thank you all so much!!!
Medium set Widget
This is the widget for things that are somewhat easy for me to do. They do not include much shadin, or the shading is easy enough to be done quickly. 

Thank you so much!!!!
Difficulty level: Hard
This is going to be filled with the things that require a lot of effort or time. please do remember that it can be anything you wish!!! If you are not satisfied with your result, then you may get a refund of 50-75% of what you gave me

Thank you so much!!


Concept Art by MissSortofRamdun Concept Art :iconmisssortoframdun:MissSortofRamdun 1 0 Commision For Zekey ^^ by MissSortofRamdun Commision For Zekey ^^ :iconmisssortoframdun:MissSortofRamdun 3 1 Murky by Frost-Raining Murky :iconfrost-raining:Frost-Raining 2 0 hi by MissSortofRamdun hi :iconmisssortoframdun:MissSortofRamdun 2 0 Charlie But Even More Trans by MissSortofRamdun Charlie But Even More Trans :iconmisssortoframdun:MissSortofRamdun 5 0 Trans Charlie by MissSortofRamdun Trans Charlie :iconmisssortoframdun:MissSortofRamdun 3 0 Shade - Closed Species by Mousu Shade - Closed Species :iconmousu:Mousu 136 4 :The Spirichis: by PrePAWSterous :The Spirichis: :iconprepawsterous:PrePAWSterous 663 113 NGC 4594 by CosmosKitty NGC 4594 :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 40 2 Watercolour Test by CosmosKitty Watercolour Test :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 232 20 Sinking WIP by CosmosKitty Sinking WIP :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 102 17 Waves of Wonder by CosmosKitty Waves of Wonder :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 196 22 Star Dancer by CosmosKitty Star Dancer :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 591 65 Watercolour Practice by CosmosKitty Watercolour Practice :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 232 24 [CLOSED SPECIES] {Old} Onisheep Reference Sheet by royalraptors [CLOSED SPECIES] {Old} Onisheep Reference Sheet :iconroyalraptors:royalraptors 89 67 Baroquerie species sheet by DesireeU Baroquerie species sheet :icondesireeu:DesireeU 337 85




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Homocide-Hunter has started a donation pool!
4 / 100
Anything will help, really. I managed to create a system with my friend so I can get the money off of these, but I just need the actual points X3
you can either donate here OR go to one of my commission boxes and actually get something out of it lol

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Zeke Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hellooooooo my lovely watcher, and anyone who decided to stumble upon my humble page!! Uh, not much to say other than to check out my little 'gallery' of stuffies, and maybe even look at my commission widgets..? idk, up to you!! I always absolutely LOVE feed back as well, negative or positive!! every little thing is appreciated!! Have a wonderful day~

P.S. I post 'real' updates in journal entries, so please watch out for those!! I'll try to say whether or not its a 'must read' sort of thing, but no guarantee's. My little 'Activity' things I post are usually little snip bits of what's going on, or just to say thank you to some of the lovely people on my page!!!


Zeke's Attempt At Toby~
This was the second and final one that I drew on my friends, MissSortofRamdun drawing pad. I would have to say that I manage to get the jist of it all down with this one so overall it looks better in my personal opinion. But hey, you guys might think differently. idk lol

I'm really thinking of getting a drawing pad like the one she has because it was easy to get the hang of and i can actually use bases on my things properly, or at least i can have the reference pic right on screen so i dont have to go back and forth between the two and worry about it not looking right. And the drawing pad she uses was originally 60 when she got it a Walmart, so hopefully I can get some more money and get it!!!

I absolutely love using it!!! I managed to draw this in less time than all of my other works like this (which I have not submitted, but i might) in this style. And it moves so smoothly and the way that everything works is perfect for my needs. I wish I could start using it right away!! XD 

The only thing that brings slight concern is my hand. With the medicine i'm on, i ant keep my hands steady enough to even write normally. my drawings take longer than a lot would think because of the way i have to do everything. I go really slow and use short strokes to connect the lines. so if i use the proper tools that i need it brings a slight worry with the lag due to the corrections it tries to make with my lines. 

But the lines move better than a pencil, and i enjoy this much, much more. And this way i can incorporate color into my drawings very easily and not have to worry too much. I still would like to try and figure out how to do the shading properly on certain parts of the body, but for now I'm just going to work on getting a more cartoon style down. 

If you like this kind of art, then please follow MissSortofRamdun 
she posts things like this all the time and she's just so amazing at it!!! So go follow and support her!!!!

Anyways, Enjoy~
Late night doodle on mah friends thing
Alright, so i went over to my friends place and they happened to have a drawing pad!!! so i spent a lot of time last night just trying it out, then did some other stuff lol. This was the first completed one, so sorry that it looks so cruddy!!! 

MissSortofRamdun TYSM for letting me use your drawing pad and computer!! It really means a lot to me!!!

Apparently the app She used is free, and a drawing pad only costs 60. Hopefully i can get one here soon and start practicing with it!! I would love to possibly start animating things in the future after i get the hang of all of this and improve to a style that i like!!! 
My style is very weird and creative, but i want to change that. i have a sorta realistic sorta anime-ish style that i dont like that much. I actually am really fond of the cartoon style like this rather than what I do. So hopefully I can improve my style and figure out how to do shading and use the proper colors because I am surprisingly slightly color blind lol. its not to the point where I can say I'm ____ color blind, ya know? we ant afford the proper testing that it takes to figure out what the heck is wrong so X3
sadness XDDDDD

Anyways, if anyone has anything to say about this, whether negative or positive or even helpful tips, please leave it in the comments section!! I respond to every comment on my page no matter what, even if its a friendly note that in no way has to be responded to. I really do appreciate everything you guys tell me!! it will help me improve m style overall and also will help me in the future when i continue to grow and establish the style i want or need. even if you just hate on me and not my art, it'll still really help me in my own unique way ^-^


Enough of that
Black Widow
My friend wanted me to draw their oc for them, and this is the end result.
I was taking free doodles on my Insta, just simple 5 min doodles, and they commissioned this. I again don't like the end result, but it is what it is.
Uuuuuhhh.... not much else to say lol
Enjoy..? !!!
Hey everyone!! This is just going to be about commissions, so please read below!!

I know i don't have any commission boxes up, but there's a reason why. 
As some of you may know, PayPal is willing to work with DeviantArt to transfer your points to money, and how a point equals a penny, yada yada.... 
Anyways, i don't have a PayPal hooked up to this account yet. I am going to get one very soon, Don't worry, but until then I don't want to open any commission boxes.

Why, you might ask?
Well, for you to make money off of your DeviantArt, you have to gain the points through a commission box only. if you were to put some in a donation pool, i cant transfer it into money. it just doesn't work like that apparently. 

Until i get the PayPal hooked up to this account, I wont have any commission boxes open of any kind. You have to transfer it straight from the commission box to PayPal, or else PayPal will be a butt and not accept the points.

Commissions will still be open though!!


Everyone may commission me. there's no question about that. I'm just gonna have a special system that i wish everyone to understand. 

Since i will not have any commission boxes open, I want you all to post a comment somewhere on my page, saying you would like to do an art trade, wish to send me a commission, or just any questions you may have. I will Still do the commission!!!

I just have a special system right now of how i want this to go.

1.) I'll keep a document of who requested a commission, what they want, etc. on a separate private document.

2.) Once I am done with your commission, then i will put a sticky-note of your account name on it and put in a special binder that i keep all my art in.
3.) Once i get the commission boxes open, I'll alert you, tell you to send the points, and then immediately after I get the points i will post what you asked for. Simple as that.

All of this is just a way to make sure i get the points before i post something, since i don't have a way to GET them at the moment. Please understand this!!

I Thank You all so much, and look forward to seeing what ends up in my comments!!


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C'est parfait! Et merci beaucoup!! J'apprécie vraiment cela!! Vous n'avez honnêtement pas eu à faire cela, donc je suis tellement reconnaissant !! Et ne vous inquiétez pas de manquer mon anniversaire, ce n'est pas si important. Merci encore!!
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